Portable Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Solar power is usually associated with heating things. So a portable solar powered air conditioner sounds strange. While Honeywell’s 527S-HON-106-BLK Roof Mount Solar Powered Attic Fan may not technically fit the description of an air conditioner, having one installed in your attic does cool off the area significantly.

The key behind the fan system is the attached solar powered attic fan which alleviates the need for an electrical outlet in your attic. The fan attaches to an exhaust system through which hot air is expelled. In addition to keeping the attic cool, a fan in the attic cuts down on the chances of mold developing because of all the moist air it is able to expel.

Helping to reserve the energy that it collects from the sun is a set of automatic controls that turn the motor off once the attic cools down to 65 degrees. When the temperature rises to 85 degrees, the motor automatically starts up again. The fan is designed to cool an area up to 1800 square feet.

Some of the features of the fan include:
- Medium footprint of 24 by 23 by 11 inches.
- Extremely quiet motorĀ  (24 volt).
- Industrial grade 20 watt solar panel.
- Rust resistant exterior solar panel casing.
- FiveĀ  year warranty on the motor.
- Twenty year warranty on the solar panel

Currently the fan is selling from $200 – $300. See here.

solar powered attic fan

However, depending on where you live, you may be eligible for federal and/or local rebates and/or tax credits.

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