Solar Lights For Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas can make a distinct an positive difference to your outdoor backyard. It can also make a difference to your comfort – allowing you and your guests to stay outside during a light rain instead of having to come indoors.

However, many homeowners like to take advantage of their patio in the evening hours as well, when the sun is setting or has already gone down. For these people, patio umbrella with lights come in very handy. Although, many of these types of umbrellas require electricity or batteries, solar lights for patio umbrellas are enjoying a popularity surge.

Most solar lights for patio umbrellas have rechargeable batteries. These batteries are recharged as the solar panel collects energy from the sun throughout the day.

SQUARE Square Solar Lighted Patio Umbrella – Taupe 9′x7′

Make your outdoor entertaining area elegant and charming with ambient light from the Solar Lighted 9×7′ Rectangular Patio Umbrella in taupe. The solar panels in the top absorb the suns energy all day, providing you with 4 to 6 hours of beautiful evening glow. This umbrella makes outdoor dining intimate and inviting. The rechargeable battery power is eco-friendly.

square square solar lighted patio umbrella9ft Patio Solar Umbrella LED

Waterproof Aluminum Deck Garden Parasol Powered Tan

Brand New 9′ Diameter Patio Solar Umbrella w/ 32 LED Lights !! The 9′ Patio Solar Umbrella blocks the sun’s rays throughout the day, and lights up the night with its pre-installed solar-powered LEDs. So, no matter day or night, you can enjoy many relaxing get togethers with this auto tilt solar umbrella.

9ft patio solar umbrella parasol powered tan

9ft patio solar umbrella parasol powered tanChoosing The Right Solar Lights For Your Patio Umbrella

- Before purchasing your solar lights, determine the goals for the solar lights you choose. Will they be merely for decorative purposes or do your really want something functional that provides a great deal of light – (for reading, etc)

- Some models offer focused lighting while others offer diffused lighting. Decide on which type is best for your needs.

- Some solar patio umbrellas have the solar lights built into the structure. While, with others, the solar lights and panels are add-ons. If you tend to be challenged when putting things together, look for models that come pre configured.

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