Solar Ventilation With Attic Fans

While homeowners investing in solar heating and cooling solutions can look forward to tremendous cost savings, it pays to take into account ventilation issues as well.

For example, many homes have attics. It is important to the health and energy efficiency of your home to allow your attic to breathe. Why? Because without adequate ventilation, you will have attic heat buildup. And this can cause your air conditioner to run harder and more continuously which will increase your electrical bills and lessen the life of the air conditioner unit.

solar powered attic ventilatorTypically, in the case of an attic, the need for ventilation is resolved by installing an attic fan. These days, most attic fans depend on the house’s electrical system for their energy.

However, many newer homes are taking advantage of solar ventilation. Installing a solar attic fan can result in great energy savings over the course of the year.

Because your air conditioning unit needs to run less, it will have less stress on it. In addition, once the initial cost of the solar fan has been recouped, the cost to run your attic fan will basically be nothing.

In addition, the result to your home will be a much more comfortable environment as excess heat is efficiently removed from the home.

The popularity of solar fans has really exploded in recent years. Today, many retail and Internet stores offer a variety of models that can meet virtually any residential need you can envision.

A good example of a fan that provides stellar solar ventilation is the Sunrise 850 Fan. This is a fan that can be installed on most roofs, even high pitched roofs, with few issues. The chart below shows how the Sunrise 850 compares to an average electrical fan. Even though the initial cost of a solar fan is greater than your typical electric fan, your real cost savings come in later years.

solar ventilation cost comparison chart

The Sunrise 850 is only one example of providing ventilation using solar energy. There are many other excellent models as well. With more coming into the market every year.

If you have been looking at traditional roof vents or ventilation fans, please take a look at our TCO comparison to see how our solar ventilation fans can save you money. Our roof fans and vent fans can be installed on virtually any roof-type and with the pitch facing virtually any direction.

To help save on cost, however, always check to determine if you the purchase of your solar fan can be somewhat offset by a federal or local tax credit. Usually the manufacturer of the fan can let you know if you are eligible for a federal tax credit. You local city council or state website is the best source to find if your state offers a tax credit.

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